Thursday, November 1, 2012

When a Plan Comes Together

A lot of successful endeavours in life are a direct result of having a team of individuals that pull together in a cinch. I grew up watching The A-Team on TV and when the movie version idea first came about (with the dream team of Mel Gibson, Ving Rhames, Jim Carrey and some pretty boy, I think it was Matt Damon at the time) I couldn't wait. Of course, the dream team never emerged but the cast they assembled for the 2010 movie was solid (and the cameos were stellar) and sold the concept in an appropriately over-the-top manner.

My maid-of-honour, Kerri got me this shirt years ago when she discovered the joy of custom-made shirts. I wore it to every final exam I had after getting it (I believe in the power of subliminal learning, especially for professors that mark their own tests) and often donned it during exam week at the high schools I worked at to get the kids thinking positively.

In terms of plans coming together, the wedding's less than 200 days away now. Might sound like a long run-up but considering the countdown started at over 400, it feels very close by comparison. Kerri's a part of my A-Team for the execution of this production even if she's supporting from a distance. My mom is excited but strictly hands-off and Jeff's mom has been cautiously helpful. The strangest thing I find about this whole scenario is being asked "How are the plans coming along?" NOW. STILL. In my mind, the plans were done within a month of deciding to get married. Everything else has been implementation. Being asked about plans NOW borders on the ridiculous. 

Still, knowing who my main players are is helpful. It is a team effort and being able to delegate duties early is a relief. Friend Lesley provided me with some official-sounding army terminology yesterday like "battle procedure" and "operations order" that I'll try to work in to my "war council" (<< my preferred term even if it isn't accurate) of wedding party members that I want to call in the early spring. After all, I got to design my team's uniforms, they might as well be the uniforms of the victors, right?

Sometimes it's a daunting task ahead of us and I'd much rather be a cog in the machine than the owner/operator/engineer but the choices we've made so far feel right and, ultimately, it's about sharing a wonderful day with friends and family and making good memories to start a life together with.

I was trying to figure what motto (related to today's post) I could reference when describing the process of planning this day and, funnily enough, the only line that resonated was: 

Overkill is under-rated

Of course, that has to do with the planning not the aesthetic. :)