Monday, November 26, 2012

Magical Wrecking Ball Builds a Dream

Wearing a stealth concert tee today in honour of The Boss' show at Rogers Arena in Vancouver tonight. The city's still a-buzz from last night's Paul McCartney show at BC Place. Apparently, there was no Springsteen guest sighting as had been rumoured but it certainly sounds like everyone had a good time. When Jeff and I were arriving home, we could hear the bass and crowd and SEE the fireworks in the finale as they rocketed above the roofline of the stadium.  From. Our. House. (aka no where near BC Place)

As a woman on the bus with me this morning was describing the concert to her friend, I took the opportunity to ask if the roof stayed open for the entire show. She assured me that the roof was closed for the entire show. I assured her that there was no way that it was closed for the finale as there is no way I could've seen those fireworks if it had been. She pulled out her camera and showed me pictures she took of the finale. 

"See," she said,"there's the fireworks!" 

"See," I responded, pointing,"that's the night sky."

Yeah, she had no idea if the roof had been open all night or not.

I bought this shirt at Springsteen's last concert in Vancouver - March 31, 2008 - part of the MAGIC tour. In thinking back, I have to marvel at how much things in my life (as well as the E Street Band) have changed. Hence, the mangled amalgamation of concert tour names in this blog post's title actually has meaning.

Since March 31, 2008, I have seen the end of one long-term relationship and the beginning of a life-long one. I have traveled to Scandinavia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Montreal. I have witnessed my close friends' families expand and grow and learn to walk/run. I'd like to think that I have established myself in my classroom, my school and, somewhat, within my profession. I have celebrated my friends' professional achievements - book publications, art exhibits, show openings, contracts, promotions, athletic competitions, new businesses - as well as a few lives ended to soon but celebrated nonetheless.

So take this crazy mental Flux-Capacitor-driven Delorean ride with me and tell me where you were and where you've been since March 31, 2008. Nothing is mundane. Nothing is too detailed. Everybody's journey deserves a souvenir snapshot. Let this be yours.