Wednesday, November 7, 2012

IMHO: The Right Guy Won


It still seems like the race was far closer than it needed to be but President Obama's win last night was a gratifying and satisfying conclusion to months and MONTHS of ridiculous television ads. Jeff and I celebrated with ice cream.

Now, about getting the rest of the world right.... Please take a look at my friend Evan Fraser's new video:

The official website for Evan's research is not yet running but I'll post about it once it is. Meanwhile, please share the video as the information is important, accurate, and fun to watch. Also, I've added a little video bar on the left so you won't need to come looking for this post again when you want a refresher. Hopefully, it'll do what it's supposed to do and update whenever Evan et al add a new video.

Today, I was debating between a couple of shirts and decided that "BLUE ARMY" was a fun little wink at the Democratic win. The shirt is actually a piece of Red vs. Blue merchandise that I quite like. The character of Caboose is insane ... and really, really dangerous to be around. But I appreciate the fact that his voice actor once stated that the motivation for playing Caboose is that Caboose is "the only character who is aware that he's in a video game." The meta nature of that statement holds a lot of appeal to me. Often, when working with a student, it pays off enormously to take a step back and realize that we are all playing a game and, even if that game is necessary (student needs to pass Math), we have to take a perspective break once in a while (how important are exponents REALLY?).

Yesterday, we watched a momentous event of great importance happen but that great importance is very much qualified by the moment, even if that moment extends over the next four years or to the end of the next decade. A century from now, who the political leaders today are won't matter. What will matter is what we as a species create and start for our descendents to carry on with. And if they have anything to eat that isn't Soylent Green.