Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Splitting Infinitives in the Spirit of Exploration

Well, I said I would so I did. No sightings so far ...

The shirt is a prezzie from Kerri, my intrepid supplier of awesome stuff and eggnog tea, and has been coveted by a couple of different co-workers today.

I enjoy the Trek-verse, growing up watching Next Gen and the Next Gen movies mostly. The bro was more of a DS9 guy. I don't think either of us has ever taken a serious stance on Voyager or Enterprise (although I have an enormous soft spot for Scott Bakula in ANY role...)

Until this summer, I had never taken part in any of the cosplay associated with the franchise but friends of Jeff's were adamant that costumes were a REQUIREMENT for admission to their Roddenberry's birth-versary party and I gotta admit it was a lot of fun.

Note the Command:Science officer ratio
(there's another one on the red bean bag too)
There's a liberating joy in the experience of cosplay. The immersive aspect of wearing a recognizable uniform or the implicit permission to take on the mannerisms and attitudes of established characters let "grown-up"s remember how to let loose and PLAY. If we forget how to play, we forget how to imagine and dream and recognize the sheer absurdity of the things that stress us out. We forget to explore. Not just space and time and the past but our backyards, ourselves, our own abilities. So in the spirit of boldly going places, why not try something new today? Play a little. Grow a little. Laugh a lot. Come back and tell me what you did.

Make it so.