Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Team Colours

Today is Jersey Day at the school for Spirit Week. I know, I know, I really pick and choose the days I participate. For example, tomorrow is "What Not To Wear" Day. The ambiguity of the name is a little scary when you think about it.  :S

Anyhow, my shirt is obviously not a jersey. It's a team tee I bought at Canadian Tire of all places. It is, however, my preferred Canucks logo ("The Flying Skate" '78-'97). Actual jerseys are costly investments to make. Especially in Vancouver. Especially if you want a hockey jersey. I went ahead and splurged years ago on a blue home Trevor Linden Canucks jersey but ended up selling it at a loss to a colleague since it was massively too big for me. Then, this September, best buddy Kerri came to visit Vancouver and brought my birthday parcel with her. Before handing it to me, she stated very clearly,"Don't worry. It wasn't expensive." With that enigmatic statement ringing in my ears, I dug in and found several little prezzies and, at the bottom, a classic WHITE home Captain Linden jersey. When I later showed another friend who knows the value of such things and asked him to guesstimate a price, he ballparked it at four or five hundred dollars. Kerri, clever deal hunter that she is, scooped it up (in mint condition, tags still attached) for $10.99 back home in Saskatoon. I swore that I wouldn't wear it (it's a perfect fit, btw) until the NHL dispute ended and the Canucks were playing again. So my beautiful jersey sits, neatly folded, tags still attached, in my dresser drawer waiting for the millionaires and billionaires in NYC to finish their ridiculous squabbling so that we can have our game back again and Rogers Arena can go back to gouging fans on ticket prices.

I could go on a tangent here about the strange psychology of the Canucks fandom but it's not a topic I relish. I like the game. I like having a team to cheer. I like that this city gets really invested in every Cup run. However, I still think that it's meant to be a fun pastime and when it stops being fun, I'm not interested in passing the time that way anymore.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Stompin' Tom Connors...