Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's a Bird. It's a Plane.

Today is Superhero Day for Spirit Week at my school. Believe it or not, this is the only actual supe shirt I have. It's old. It's a little tight in the arms. It's unfashionably short. I honestly don't remember where I bought it so there's no real story here.

And yet I didn't throw it out/donate it when I was sorting stuff this summer. I guess there's a part of me that really likes the shirt. There's a classic feel to wearing such a recognizable logo and there's a certain humour to the connotative value of it. Maybe I figure that any self-respecting geek girl needs a Superman shirt at the ready.

Mostly, though, I probably figured that there would be days where I would need to feel a little Superman-like.

And, for my two cents, Dean Cain is still my favourite Supe portrayer.