Thursday, October 18, 2012

Between the Lines

I'm backdating again because I've been sick but DID go to work on Thursday and this is the shirt I wore. I just couldn't manage to write and post anything then. This is another one from Unshelved and it's one that caused some controversy with a library patron when I wore it to work. Her issue with it basically boiled down to an initial "I don't get it" reaction and when I tried to explain my interpretation of it, she decided it was a bad idea and, possibly, that I was a bad person for wearing the shirt. I shrugged and continued on with my day but the more I thought about it, the more ambiguous the statement seemed.

My reading of it is that reading is something we can do for ourselves and without reprisal. Getting to choose our reading material should be a free and obvious right in a civilised world. It's not the only interpretation though. So, feel free to re-interpret here and maybe Bill Barnes or Gene Ambaum can chime in with where they were going with it when they wrote the strip the shirt is based on.

I hope to be more interesting next week when this gorram, curst cold lets go of me. Until then, it's Buckley's and hot lemon & honey tinctures until I want to puke, I guess. Also, I'll be reading. Check my shelves on for details. Cheers!