Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teacher Humour: Part 2 - Appropriateness

Wearing the hoodie to cover up is more necessary with today's stealth funny tee than yesterday's as the slogan was deemed "inappropriate" by the Faculty of Education the year after I finished my Education Degree. Apparently, teachers can have a sense of humour but teachers of teachers are another level of stuffiness.

I did wear the shirt to school once. A student called me on it by asking "Is that supposed to be dirty?" I thought about it for a second before answering and said,"No, I was in the Bachelor of Education program so that what it was in reference to." Student bought it. And why did she buy it? Because to high school students, TEACHERS AREN'T FUNNY.

And then there's appropriate humour. Appropriateness, like humour, is very subjective. When living and teaching in the UK, it was accepted and even expected to run into teachers in the pubs after school, having a drink or dinner. In my current school district, there are "code phrases" for meeting at the pub after school. Most often, "library meeting" is used. Again, kids completely ignore this because if teachers aren't fun or funny, librarians are even less so to their thinking. Funny how stereotypes can be so wrong...