Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let Freedom Ring...

In the lingering aftermath of 2010's Arab Spring and the current state of affairs in Turkey, it seems almost surreal to hear high school students in our school bemoaning their "caged and de-liberated" lives as the end of the school year approaches. And yet, moan they do. Mind you, it's not just the kids that are eyeing the exits with increasing anticipation. I guess when there is a perceived barrier, any freedom is deemed sweet.

Less than 75 years ago, the island of Newfoundland was an independent nation-state termed a "dominion" (which is, arguably, a step up from "colony") with its own flag, coat of arms, prime minister and CURRENCY. Becoming a province of Canada in 1949 was a coup for Canadians, a feather in the cap of first premier Joey Smallwood, and a point of contention for the 47.7% of the population who voted against confederation with Canada in 1948. As today's t-shirt (from my ever-generous Newfoundland family, Brian & Lori) demonstrates, Newfoundland's independent spirit and sense of humour (and entrepreneurism!) continues to thrive today.

For those who live in hope of true freedom - whether it's domestic, political, financial, global, or emotional - I offer up a little New Country prayer sung by Martina McBride in duet with special guest who knows better than anything that Love is a (fill-in-the-blank). ;)