Monday, June 10, 2013


I remember being underwhelmed by the 2003 suspense film by this title. Good twist at the end tho. Mostly, I want to write about the Game of Thrones finale but that's not really fair to people who haven't read the book... O_o ... who don't want spoilers so I'll hold off on that too.

I love this shirt. Have bought it multiple times for myself and once for my brother. It used to be a great excuse for going to Harrison Hot Springs. When we were up there for the wedding, however, I noticed that the store that sold this shirt is no longer there anymore.

The quiz on the back has garnered comments from strangers... mostly folks who get sucked into reading it while lined up behind me and REALLY want to finish reading it despite the fact I need to move along. 

By the way: Number 10 is a trick question and most people get tricked. So don't feel bad.

When I teach the Grade 10 Socials curriculum, we spend a lot of time discussing identity. It works in the English curriculum discussions too when focussing on voice and motive. I always play this video once (despite it being a beer ad) and sometimes a Tim Horton's or Canadian Tire ad too. Eventually, some smart kid wonders aloud whether "we are what we buy" more nowadays. And I give that kid an "A" most times.

So, in order not to spoil any Game of Thrones stuff, I'll tie this back in to the title with one word and let DANGER:SPOILER discussions ensue in the comments section if it is to be: