Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Main Street, USA - Summer Edition

Day 3 and we headed off on our own first thing to hang with the Denali National Park Canine Rangers. Denali is the only one of 395 National Parks to have working sled dogs to patrol in the winter.

These are the resident puppies when they were born 8 weeks ago.

This is Clove now.

After the sled dog demo, we met back up with the group and boarded the train to Talkeetna (where I found today's shirt - thought "Phish Hard" would've been even funnier but that's me)

Talkeetna, the "Las Vegas of Alaska", is a bustling city of 500 year-round residents.

Dinner highlight for Jeff was the "Ice-Axe", a 9.2% alcohol content locally-brewed honey ale. He also had cod & chips with his booze. 

I had the king crab plate with a locally brewed raspberry ginger "brew" (stronger than ginger ale, not alcoholic)