Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Search Me, Browse Me

... but don't mess with my access.

The Internet is such an integral part of our lives in the First World it seems (the UN has even declared Internet freedom to be a basic human right) that, like modern food supply, we rarely think too hard about where we get it from or how it gets funded. So when my Google homepage started asked for money in exchange for a t-shirt, I have to admit I was intrigued. 

Mozilla has a mission statement. Heck, it has a MISSION. That, in and of itself makes it degrees of magnitude cooler than Internet Explorer could ever hope to be. 

I also happen to think its icon is really cute.

But getting back to the Mozilla Mission, it states that the World Wide Web should remain in the hands of the people. What said people do with that is up to us, I guess. I live a fairly open online life ... within limits. I try to keep my photos representative and my posting interesting. Eight of the ten results Google returns on my name are me but since Google filters geographically (as well in as other ways), that might be because I'm searching from my stomping grounds. One thing I did not know would pop up in my search was my postal code. My current postal code. And another thing I did not know until last Friday is that all one needs to access a person's cellular phone account is a name, the cell phone number, the birthday, and postal code of said person. Ask me how I learned. :(

I don't think Internet freedom is a bad idea. I think the Internet has reshaped the world in amazing ways since it became a truly accessible thing. But I do think people need to be aware that their information is out there and its value is limitless in the wrong person's hands. I also think people should realize that even a mall kiosk has security cameras ALL OVER THE PLACE.