Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kickstarting My Bro

Although my family looks bigger on paper - mostly because we're spread all over the continent - we're more a collective of sovereign nations than any sort of singular cohesive unit.

My mom lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Her family is split between there and SoCal with the exception of a couple of outlying cousins in the East. My father's contribution is out in Ontario, spanning decades within one generation as well as much of the East Coast of the US. My strata in the family spectrum is populated with several medical doctors, teachers ranging from pre-school to university level, engineers, architects... a great variety of careers and pursuits, all with a lot of education to rely on. And although he meets the criteria of higher education, my sole full-blooded sibling is out there treading the boards, living the dream, because, as much as I love the theatre, for him, the play really is the thing.

My brother is based in the heart of La-La Land, having spent three years completing a Master's degree in Fine Arts-Acting at the University of Southern California under the tutelage of the Scorpio Killer himself, Andrew Robinson, and in the company of ten of the finest up-and-coming performers in the industry

As you can read on his website (with lots of other information I recommend you check out): Arthur is an MFA actor currently living in Los Angeles who has worked at many of the premiere theatres across California. Mom is still stunned, I think, that this is the path he has chosen. Extremely proud. But stunned.

In his final year at USC, his classmates put together a Kickstarter campaign to fund their 3 Play Repertory project. Arthur asked that any funds earmarked for birthday/Christmas gifts be pledged to this project. I might've been the only person he asked this of but I did convince some friends to chip in too so it was, ultimately, an effective method of pitching the project. 

The campaign was successfully funded and, from all accounts, the class had a remarkable run of their repertory which included Ibsen's The Cherry Orchard where my baby brother who once looked like this: 

looked like this:

(He's the one in the brown shoes.)

And if that isn't impressive enough (I don't get to brag a lot about the sibling so I'm getting my fix in here) he has a couple of reels on his website. That's , folks. Visit it. "Like" or "+1" or "RT" it. Spread it around. And here, for your viewing pleasure is his acting reel. Somebody really needs to cast him in something (long-running) quick before Mom reconsiders her plan to export him to Asia-based friends and family to try his luck in another language. Which he'd have to learn. Phonetically. Unless it's French.

Demo Reel from Arthur Keng on Vimeo.

And did I mention that he can legally work in Canada AND the States? Hey, Sullivan and Son, over here!